What to Look for in Criminal Defense Attorneys in Burlington

If you have been recently been arrested, you may need the legal advice of of a criminal defense attorney. For those needing the expertise of Criminal Defense Attorneys Burlington has a law firm that cares about their clients. Powers & Costeck is a full service law firm that can handle cases involving DUI, assault, driving offenses, domestic violence and drug offenses. Getting charged with an offense is a serious matter, so contacting a qualified attorney for legal counsel may be sound advice.

It is integral that you contact an attorney as soon as possible, even if you have not been released from jail. Giving your criminal defense attorney adequate time to review your case and gather evidence is crucial in an effective defense. Once you have contacted a criminal defense lawyer, you will need to provide all of the details and relevant information related to the case. An attorney will not disclose any information that you divulge because of a client confidentiality agreement. Once a criminal defense lawyer has decided to take your case, then there will be collection of evidence and conducting interviews with any witnesses. Using this method, an defense strategy can be formulated to fight the charge that could take away your freedom.

There are many consequences to a criminal conviction, such as loss of driving license, loss of employment, stigmatization, jail and prison. These severe ramifications can haunt you for the rest of your life, inhibiting future jobs and affecting how people view your character. Using a criminal defense attorney can help you fight a criminal charge. Another factor is time spent away from family. If you are sent to jail or prison, being able to see your family will be greatly restricted to the posted visiting hours of the facility you are housed in.

Powers & Costeck have been representing clients in the Skagit County area since 2005, when the two founding partners left the county prosecuting office. This firm knows what strategies a prosecutor will use and how to counter them. They offer fair, honest and aggressive representation in a variety of criminal law cases. Click Here for more information about criminal defense attorneys.

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