What to Look for in Assisted Living Apartments

Managing the family home is no longer an option, but the time to think about entering a nursing home has not yet arrived. This situation calls for a solution that is somewhere in the middle. Here are some things to look for when considering different options for Assisted Living Apartments.

Square Footage

Consider the amount of square footage in the apartment. After all, one of the reasons that the individual no longer wants to live in the family home is that it is too big to manage. Opt for an apartment that has rooms large enough to accommodate favorite pieces of furniture and sufficient closet space to hold clothing, holiday decorations, and other basics. While there will be some downsizing that must be done as part of the move, making sure there is room for the more important things is a must.


It is possible to find Assisted Living Apartments is many different areas. Focus on those which happen to be conveniently located to things that the individual desires. Think of how nice it would be to walk out of the building and down the street to the supermarket. Perhaps having a park nearby would be a good thing. For those who no longer drive, living in an assisted living building which happens to sport a bus stop on the same block will make getting around the city a lot easier.

Medical Support

One of the nice things about assisted living is that there are people on hand to check on residents. Find out if a nurse is on duty around the clock. Will the nurse come around to make sure the residents are fine and taking their medication? Knowing there is someone to call if a medical situation arises will certainly provide a measure of comfort.

Arrange to visit the facility and see some of those apartments first hand. One of them may prove to be the ideal place to settle in and have a new and more manageable home.

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