What to Look for in a Paving Company

The Paving services Ottawa requires have to know a lot about the harsh northern climate. Your driveway will make an interesting statement about your property. An old and cracked driveway will completely ruin the look of even the best maintained home and garden and make your home look neglected. When you are in need of a paving company to update or maintain your driveway you want to look for a number of qualities to ensure they can provide the services you are expecting.


The design of your driveway is important. Although in many cases you may just be replacing a current driveway you want to hire someone who is not just able to lay asphalt or apply paving stones. You want someone who understands design and can create the detail and design that will keep your home looking lovely. You want your property to increase in value with the addition of a newly paved driveway and working with a company that understands the ins and outs of paving stones driveways Ottawa will ensure your home maintains its charm and curb appeal.

Expert Tradespeople

Whether you are looking for concrete, asphalt or paving stones you do not want to hire novices for your paving needs. You want a company with years of experience as well as a company that is local. Paving in Ottawa requires special knowledge due to the severe winters and humid summers. You want to work with highly trained individuals who understand not only how to make your driveway look appealing but that also understand how to provide the integrity and strength needed to support your vehicles. Ottawa driveways require special materials and procedures such as using a level layer of geotextile fabric underlay for strength. It has to be compacted to be effective.

Fair Pricing and Assessment

Competitive rates are important as long as they come with superior service. You do not want to overpay and sometimes it is a good idea to get a number of quotes to make sure you get a feel for industry rates. Working with an honest paving company will help you save money as well. For example if you are replacing an older driveway, an honest company will reuse the base if it contains no ruts. They will also look for signs such as ruts to indicate if the current base was not sufficient to handle the weight of traffic.

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