What to Look for in a Banquet Hall Rental in San Jose, CA

If you are planning a special event such as a wedding at a facility such as the Corinthian Grand Ballroom, you need to make sure that you have all your bases covered when booking and making reservations. That means you need to make a list of what you will be needing in a banquet hall rental in San Jose, CA.

Ceremony Packages for Weddings

For example, some banquet hall rental venues list their ceremony packages for weddings. Therefore, a lower-priced package might include a coordinator, rehearsal, set-up and clean-up, and an aisle runner. If you wish to pay more, the package may also include such items as votive candles or rose petals on the aisle runner for the event. Chair covers with sashes are often added as well. You might also opt for a certain style of chair to be used for the ceremony and reception.

Choose a Larger-Sized Hall for Your Planned Event

Before making plans for a banquet hall rental, though, take care of the fundamentals of your search. For instance, consider the kind of event you are planning and the number of people you will be inviting to the celebration. These two basic considerations will help you make a decision on the proper rental space. Usually, it is better to settle on a larger-sized hall and then decorate it, so it conceals the additional space.

Deciding on the Decorations and Lighting

If you are planning a personal event such as an anniversary party or wedding reception, you will need to rent a hall that conveys a more casual atmosphere. If the event is corporate in nature, you may want to select a more elegant venue. The right facility, therefore should be able to help you find just the right layout and environment. The type of event will also determine the decorative style for the party or reception. Ask the hall about lighting and decorations to ensure your event is a well-planned success.

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