What to Know When Buying a Vehicle

When you buy a vehicle, you want to have a positive experience. You want to find a Ford dealer in Bartlett that can give you the best customer care. You should never deal with dishonest salespeople, or other harmful and stressful factors when entering a dealership. You should deal with a place that values their customers and makes you feel respected from the moment you enter their building, to the moment you leave. You should educate yourself as to what occurs on the financial end of an automobile sale.

Don’t Fear Car Salespeople

What you probably do not know is the fact that car dealerships do not make that much of a profit on the sale of new vehicles. Unfortunately, there has been a stigma placed on car salespeople such as people thinking they are con artists who want to make the most commissions. However, you should know that when you find the right dealer, this is never the case. If you research car salespeople or even ask one, they can tell you that there are times that they do not make more than $100 on a new car sale. You should go to a dealer with an open mind and know that the plan is not to rip you off, but instead provide you with personalized and excellent customer care.


With the internet, there is no way dealers can hide information, such as profits from you. You should know that dealers do not make huge gains on new car sales. In fact, they make minimal profits on lower cost vehicles. Dealers make most of their earnings from servicing cars and used car sales. For a dealer to make a profit, they need to sell an expensive car. If a dealer sells a car that is $50,000, they might make a profit around $4,000. In the scheme of things, that is still not a large number. Likewise, if they sell a lower-priced car, they might only make a profit along the lines of $300. You should never assume that the dealership is trying to overprice their vehicles to make more profit. They do not gain anything other than negative feedback if they are known to rip off their customers, which is why they want to make sure their customers stay happy.

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