What to Know Before an Eye Exam With a Doctor in Jacksonville, FL

You know you must prioritize regular visits with medical professionals if you want to enjoy good health and catch disease in its early stages. If you have recently scheduled an appointment at an eye care center in Jacksonville, FL, for a checkup, you may be wondering what to expect.

It is important for a person to mention any vision issues they may be dealing with when they make their appointment at the eye care center in Jacksonville, FL. Take a few minutes to prepare before heading to the appointment. Write down questions you want to ask the doctor. Also, be prepared to answer questions about your general health, the eye health of your family members, and any medications that you take. If you use contact lenses or glasses, taking the prescription with you to the doctor would be helpful. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses that you can use on the ride home since your pupils will be dilated.

After going through the initial conversation with the doctor about your health, the eye exam will begin. The doctor may use various tests to check your vision and the overall condition of your eyes. For example, they may use the eye muscle movement test. This checks the alignment of your eyes. They may also use the cover test. This tells the doctor how well your eyes work together.

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