What to Know About Buying insurance in Cleveland, CT

Insurance in Portland, CT is a system of sharing in the cost of damages. There are two parties involved in an insurance agreement: the provider and the insured When you buy a policy, you are known as the insured. The provider is the business that offers the policy in return for premiums. If you remain uninsured, you will be responsible for the costs of certain damages. Insurance is also essential for business to protect assets. You can choose from many types of policies.


Not all types of insurance are required by law. The only kind currently required by law is car insurance. Car insurance gives you compensation for auto accidents whether it involves a single car or more than one vehicles. You must at least purchase liability to compensate the other driver and their passengers. Some states require extra additions like uninsured motorist protection and property damage. While you can stay within the required liability limit, it may be ideal to increase the amount. If you don’t have enough liability, the other driver could sue you for the rest.

Health insurance is important for covering a portion of medical expenses. The insurance covers doctor visits when you make a co-pay. The co-payment is commonly under $20. You can choose private insurance or group insurance. Group insurance covers multiple people in an organization or business. However, individual insurance offers more flexibility. Another category of health coverage is dental insurance. Dental insurance covers the cost of oral care. It is the least expensive of all types of coverage. You do not have to meet many requirements to qualify. You do have to use dentists in the providers network. Life insurance helps give your family a financial safety net in case of your death by natural causes or accidents. It can also include disability coverage. One type of life insurance is a permanent type called whole life. The premiums never increase and the policy stays active as long as you pay premiums. Term life is a temporary coverage that needs renewing after a time period.

You do not have to buy only the required insurance. Life is uncertain. You can never predict what will happen. Too much protection is better than not enough. Click here for more information.

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