What to Expect When You Sign Your Teen Up For Driving Lessons in San Luis Obispo, CA

Learning how to drive involves more than spending time behind the wheel of a car. To ensure that your teenager knows all of the formal and informal rules of the road, enroll them in a high-quality driving school. When you enroll your young driver in driving school, there are a few things you should expect.

The driving school you choose should offer 30 hours of classroom instruction before your teen begins driving lessons. In the classroom, your teen should learn from experienced and qualified professional instructors. Students should be given the opportunity to ask questions and interact with instructors and other students as they learn the driving laws and how to apply them on the road. Teens who take part in classroom-based driver’s education benefit from participating with other students and learning from others’ questions and concerns.

After your teenager completes the classroom training and has a learner’s permit, they can participate in behind-the-wheel instruction. Expect the driving school that you choose to be patient with your child as they practice the skills they learned in the classroom and apply them on the road. Skills such as proper distancing, stopping and parking should be covered in behind-the-wheel Driving Lessons in San Luis Obispo, CA. Your teen should have the opportunity to practice on the free way as well as on residential and city streets.

The driving school you choose should not only prepare your teen driver to pass the driver’s license exam but should prepare them to drive in real-world situations. Skills such as looking over the shoulder before changing lanes, driving on wet roads and other defensive driving techniques should be covered so your teen is comfortable in most driving situations before they are permitted to drive alone.

When you select a comprehensive classroom-based driving school with competent instructors, your teen should finish training confident that he or she knows the driving laws and how to apply them in a number of situations. The instructions should encourage students to ask questions to dispel and myths or discourage bad habits their parents may have. Upon completion of their Driving Lessons in San Luis Obispo, CA, your teen should be a safe and confident driver.

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