What to Expect When You Meet With a Bankruptcy Attorney in Urbana, OH

We all have times when we make lesser choices regarding our financial situation. If your choices have lead to a downward spiral of your financial security, make sure you consider visiting a Bankruptcy Attorney in Urbana. They can review your financial situation and help determine if you qualify for bankruptcy, and what form of it will best suit your individual needs. Don’t live another day with the stress of a bad financial situation lurking over you. Make sure you talk to an attorney in OH today so you can take the first step in getting the relief you deserve. Here is what you should expect when you meet with an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy proceedings.Debt ReviewOne of the first things the attorney you hire will do is complete a review of your debt. They will pull your credit report and identify all of the debts that you have defaulted on. Some debts, such as student loans, cannot be filed under bankruptcy.

The attorney will discuss all of your debts, and help you determine if there are any you don’t want to stop paying on. Income ReviewYour income information will need to be shared so the Bankruptcy Attorney in Urbana can prove to a court of law that you do not have the money to meet your debts. They will also look at any investment accounts you may own, and any properties that you own without a lien. Don’t hide any income information from your attorney, as this can lead to your case being dismissed in a court of law. FilingsOnce all of the information has been gathered and reviewed, the attorney you hire in OH will then file all of the necessary forms to the court where you live. The court will review your information and determine when they will be able to process your case and have you appear before a judge.

If you think you could benefit by filing for bankruptcy, make sure you contact Feinstein Legal Services. No matter how much or how little debt you have, they have the experience to help you get the financial relief you deserve. Contact them today for your free consultation, so you can take the first step in improving your money situation and take control of your life.

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