What To Expect When Hiring An Exterminator For Termite Control In Queens

Termites are one of the most dreaded pest invasions due to the amount of damage that even one colony will cause if it is allowed to nest inside a home. Termites feed on wood, and they will burrow deep down into the wooden elements of a house, often resulting in severe structural problems that will lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. An exterminator is the first line of defence against these harmful and invasive pests, and the following is a look at the methods they to ensure effective termite control in Queens.

Property Inspection

Before a technician begins the treatment process, they will first identify where they are located and verify that they are indeed termites. They will also inspect the crawlspace and basement areas of a home to determine if a colony has made its way inside. After they have completed the initial inspection, they will then create a custom treatment plant that will eradicate any that may be in a home and prevent others from making their way indoors.

Foundation Protection

Most termites enter a home by way of the foundation, and the only way to stop them is to inject a pesticide into the foundation elements. The technician will drill holes in the foundation that are approximately 8 to 12 inches apart and inject a lethal pesticide. If the termites feed on it, they will take it back to their nest, and it will help kill off a colony before its members have a chance to make their way indoors.

Exterior Bait Traps

The last phase of termite control in Queens is to install a variety of perimeter bait traps around the exterior of a house. The boxes are placed below ground and filled with the same pesticide that is used in the foundation treatment. The technician will then return to the property and check the bait for activity and determine if additional treatment is necessary.

Waiting to have an infestation of termites eradicated will have disastrous long-term consequences. Metro Pest Control Inc. is a leading provider of extermination services and will help keep any building free from the dangers of termites and a myriad of other bugs. Browse our website to learn more about the treatment options available, and get peace of mind without breaking the bank.

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