What to expect from your cosmetic dentist

For people who wish to improve their smiles they no longer have to rely on their general dentist, they go to a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is a recognized dental specialty, a cosmetic dentist in New York has all the qualifications of any dentist plus, he or she has undertaken additional training in various procedures that are designed to enhance a person’s smile. For patients who wish to consult with these specialists it is best to chose a dentist who has become a member of professional organizations that promote very high standards for the field.

All dentists, including a cosmetic dentist are concerned with the overall dental health of their patients; it is just that cosmetic dentists are also interested in dental aesthetics. The cosmetic dentist, as well as being able to do all the traditional functions such as crowns, fillings, root canals, etc, also performs various procedures such as tooth whitening. As well as tooth whitening, the cosmetic dentist will perform dental implants, apply tooth veneers and install invisible braces. Procedures of this nature are not always a necessity but they help the individual gain confidence and feel more comfortable in public.

A cosmetic dentist in New York can actually design a smile; working closely with the patients to give them the look they desire. Of course, regular dental checkups and cleanings along with routine maintenance procedures are important as teeth will never look their best unless they are healthy and in good repair. Some dentists offer both services; general and cosmetic, while others are focused on providing cosmetic services exclusively. Those dentists that do dedicate their practice to cosmetics will work with general dentists so that tooth color coordination and the installation of caps and bridges go without any problems.

Many cosmetic improvements are not covered by insurance as they are not seen as a mandatory procedure. Those insurance companies that do cover cosmetic dentistry will often have a list of those procedures that are covered as well as those that are not, many patients will take this into account when they first select their insurance provider.

A cosmetic dentist in New York is an important professional for those people who are in professions where image is paramount, a cosmetic dentist can at times be critical in professional advancement.

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