What to Expect During the Appeals Process for SSI Disability in Halifax

Most likely, you did not anticipate being denied SSI disability benefits when you originally filed. There is reassurance, however, in proceeding with an appeal. Since a lot rides on how your SSI disability appeal in Halifax gets resolved, it is best to have as much information as possible.

The prospect of attending a hearing during a challenging time in your life can seem daunting. Read further to learn how you can properly prepare after filing an appeal.

Review Your Case File

After denial, your case goes to an Administrative Law Judge for an assessment. Be sure to spend time before the appeal date reviewing your file. Familiarize yourself with your original application and all Social Security Administration communications.

Keep Relevant Documents Together

Receiving adequate care for your disability should be the extent of your concern instead of remembering all the details related to your claim. Gather documents such as the Medical and Job Worksheet to help you answer questions.

Maintain Medical Records

It is also necessary to present new evidence in hopes of swaying the decision in your favor. Contact your medical care providers for the most recent records of your care. Submit copies to the judge prior to your SSI disability appeal in Halifax.

Obtain Statements from Experts

Written statements from a medical expert, former employers, family, or social workers about how your disability impacts your daily life can help to bolster your case.

Seek Legal Help with Your SSI Disability Case

An attorney from Cunningham Law Group can advocate on your behalf throughout an SSI disability appeal in Halifax. To schedule a consultation please visit them.

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