What To Expect During Mold Removal In Boston Homes

Once mold has been identified in a home the homeowner typically makes it a priority to bring in a professional company that offers environmental clean-up and mold remediation services. The mold removal in Boston in a home can be a very complicated process if the mold has spread to a variety of different areas of the home or if it is the HVAC system.

Each company offering mold removal in Boston will have a slightly different series of steps that they follow. However, no matter which company you select it is essential to find a company that has extensive experience to complete your project. Incorrect methods of mold removal can actually create a more significant problem if mold spores are introduced to rooms of the home that previously were not contaminated.

Sealing off the Area

During mold removal in Boston the area being treated will be sealed off using special plastic sheeting that covers all vents and openings. This is critical to prevent the movement of spores once the remediation process begins.

This sealed area is then basically turned into a vacuum chamber through the use of high powered industrial quality machines. All air that is withdrawn from the room passes through special HEPA filter that traps all particular matter, even microscopic mold spores, and is then safely vented to the outside of the home.

Removing Affected Materials with Mold Removal in Boston

The next step in the process includes removing all materials that have mold present that is not just on the surface. This could include wallpaper or sheetrock, insulation, carpets and other materials are completely removed. The remaining surfaces are vacuumed and treated with a special, EPA designated disinfectant.

In some cases additional steps may be required to leave porous or surfaces that are easily contaminated treated with a special anti-microbial coating to prevent further problems.

The key to effective mold removal in Boston is to realize that you have a problem and call in the professionals before the mold becomes problematic in large areas of your home. Annual air quality tests, checking potential risky areas in the home on a regular basis and monitoring any changes in health with people in the family, especially respiratory problems and allergies, can all help with early identification of mold problems.


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