What to Do Before Selling Your Business

If you wish to sell business in Charleston, SC, you need to be properly prepared. The sale of a business is not an easy process. Besides finding the right buyer, you also have to deal with different situations that will test your decision-making skills. Here’s a look at how you should prepare yourself before selling your business.

Make Thorough Considerations

Many business sellers do not have a clear understanding of their objectives, and they often end up experiencing seller’s remorse. Before you sell, you may have doubts whether you are selling at the right time. It is advisable that you sell your business when market activity and prices are at a peak. Your goal should be securing a profitable and successful sale, not a perfect sale.

Organize Your Financials

Diligent buyers usually ask for three to five years worth of financial information, including bank statements, profit and loss statements, tax returns, supplier and vendor contracts, leases, and customer data. Make sure your paperwork is complete and well-organized.

Justify the Price

Businesses are usually valued at about two times their annual cash flow. However, savvier buyers will not only look at your cash flow. They will also take your business strategy and growth potential into consideration. Since you are planning to sell business in Charleston, SC, you can get an accurate valuation from a reputable company that performs business valuations in the local market.

Hire Advisors

Hiring a broker may not be necessary, but it can benefit you in many ways. A broker can help you find and vet potential buyers, ensure confidentiality throughout the process, and provide sound advice whenever you need it. It is also a good idea to hire a lawyer to review offers and contracts, and an accountant to handle the financial paperwork.

Being well-prepared can put you in a better position to identify and negotiate the best deal possible. The extra effort you put in can help you sell business in Charleston, SC in the smoothest and most profitable manner.

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