What to do after your slip and fall in Long Island, NY

If you have had a slip and fall in Long Island, NY, there are some basic steps you will need to take. Not everyone around you will understand what you are going through and so you will get conflicting advice about where to start. However instead of worrying about what you should do, simply follow the guidelines below for the best possible outcome. Coming back to normalcy after your slip and fall in Long Island, NY may seem impossible but with the right assistance you can get your life back again.

You need to get medical attention right away

Even if you feel just fine, you will want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is because you never know what might be wrong in your body and an untreated situation could become even worse. Once you are seen by a doctor, you will have a full report on what your injuries are and how much time it will take to heal. This will ensure your injuries are assessed and documented by a professional who has what it takes to make a proper diagnosis for you.

Filing a police report

After you have made sure you are okay physically by visiting a doctor, the next step after your slip and fall in Long Island, NY is to visit a police station so that you can file a police report. You will want to include all relevant information about what happened to you including where you were located when the accident happened. This piece of paper will serve as an official report to back up your version of what occurred. It will include specific information such as the date and time of the incident as well as the exact location where you were injured. A slip and fall in Long Island, NY is serious business and a police report is mandatory in this situation.

Getting an attorney to help you

After you have filed a police report, you will need to get an attorney to assist you. Your personal injury attorney will help you get the best results if you are seeking compensation for your injuries. They will help you get the money you deserve after your slip and fall in Long Island, NY. When you consider that the chances of getting compensated are slim to none on your own, you will understand the benefits of seeking assistance from an attorney.

Now that you know what to do after your slip and fall, you can begin to put the pieces back together again. You will come back from this experience stronger than ever and an attorney can help you with all of the legal aspects.

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