What to Consider when Buying Pool Filters Front Royal VA

When selecting Pool Filters Front Royal VA, regardless of if it is a cartridge, D.E. or sand, it is necessary to figure out what size pool pump is needed. The filter size is crucial and something that needs to be known to avoid serious issues down the road. Getting to know more about the options is the best way to find the right pool filter for the pool in question.

Pool Filter Size

In most cases, a person will run into four to five different sizes of filters. The smallest is for above ground pools, with midrange being designed for pools that hold approximately 15,000 gallons of water and larger filters for pools over 25,000 gallons. While this may seem pretty straightforward, it is important to make sure the filter size isn’t too small for the pump.

When trying to figure out what size Pool Filters Front Royal VA is needed, a pool owner needs to consider the Gallons Per Minute or GPM that the pool is pumping out. This number will directly affect the size filter that is necessary. Keep in mind, the flow rate of the selected filter needs to be higher than the pump’s GPM. If it is the other way around, then it can cause issues for the entire pool system.

Rules Related to Filter Size

When selecting the right size Pool Filters Front Royal VA, a good rule to keep in mind is that bigger is, actually better. While larger filters will come with a larger price tag, they also offer easier maintenance and better filtering. Some of the specific benefits offered by larger pool filters are listed here.

* An increased number of small particles filtered successfully.

* An increased amount of time between cleanings and backwashing.

* Improved longevity of the filter media.

Learning how to buy the right pool filter can make a huge difference in how well the pool system works. Take the time to review the information here and speak with the staff at Al Shirley & Son Inc, in Front Royal VA for any other questions. Being informed is the best way to buy a quality pool filter that will meet the needs of the pool and the pool owner.

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