What to Check Before You Call Your Local AC Repairman

Nobody likes being caught without a way to keep cool in the summer. These days, it can be hard to go without your air conditioning in spring or autumn, too. It seems like you never know what the weather is going to do, but when your air conditioning decides that it’s not going to do anything anymore, it’s time to call for AC service – or is it? Here’s how to tell if you might be looking at an easy DIY fix or a complete AC disaster:

When You (Don’t) Have the Power

Nothing is more frustrating than calling for professional help with your HVAC system, only to learn that the only “problem” you have is that the system isn’t receiving adequate power. Whether your thermostat needs new batteries or reconnected to a power source or your entire home needs a circuit reset at the breaker box, you may be one simple fix away from getting your air flowing again. Be sure to check for power problems before you call for expert help.

When Safety Features Go Wrong

Many air conditioning units are created with a safety feature that won’t allow them to function if the equipment door is not latched properly. This prevents things from getting into your system – think animals, toys deposited by small children, or outdoor debris – and keeps anyone from getting injured by coming in contact with it. Latch it up, and your system may start right back up again.

When to Call for Help

When you just can’t fix it yourself, it’s more than okay to call for Boerne AC service – it’s a smart idea. When in doubt, trust a local HVAC expert to get your system working again and help you and your family cool off and chill out – and stay that way all year long!

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