What to Ask a Car Accident Attorney in Knoxville during a Consultation

Most people say that the consultation with a car accident attorney in Knoxville is the most important part of a personal injury case. After all, this is the time when you build a rapport with the attorney and discuss your options. As important as the consultation with a car accident attorney in Knoxville is, most people jump straight in without being prepared. By knowing what questions to ask you can guarantee that personal attention will be given to your case at all times. Whether you have suffered with serious injuries, motorcycle accidents or car/truck accidents, ask the car accident attorney in Knoxville the following three questions.

Is My Case Suitable for Compensation?
Not every case will be worth discussing with a car accident attorney in Knoxville. Before you acquire help you should ask the attorney if your case is suitable for compensation. In order to answer this question accurately the attorney will need to learn about the finer details, such as where the accident took place, how many vehicles were involved, what medical treatment was provided, etc. In the event that another person breached their duty because of negligent actions, you will probably have a case to sue. However, if you were negligent and suffered damages because of your own mistake, you may not have a case to sue.

What Are My Damages?
By knowing your potential damages you can get a good idea of what direction the case is going in. Bear in mind that you will need to file the lawsuit within a reasonable time following the accident because the fresher the details, the better the foundation of your case. If you have spent a lot of money on medical treatment because of an injury, the car accident attorney in Knoxville will probably be able to help you recover lost wages and medical bills. If you have struggled with emotional distress or any other form of suffering this will be taken into account, too.

How Do You Charge for Services?
If you are in the process of looking for a reliable car accident attorney in Knoxville it is likely that you have lost wages or spent a lot of money on medical treatment. Because you are probably already out of pocket, you will need to discuss the fee with the attorney before you sign any contracts. Ask the lawyer if he or she charges a contingency fee, where they will take up to 30 percent of the final compensation amount. Also, ask them if you will be responsible for court fees.

Although you will feel very confused and frustrated following an accident on the road, it is vital that you contact a car accident attorney in Knoxville to help you prepare for the case. You will need to gather certain documents, proof of injuries, medical bills, witness reports and anything else that seem relevant. If you cannot get your hands on these documents, an attorney at Website will be able to help.

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