What the E.P.A. has to Say about Duct Cleaning in Anacortes

The buildup of dust, pollens, mold and bacteria so common in most homes has caused the United States Environmental Protection Agency to develop a website related solely to the topic. The E.P.A. acknowledges that most consumers who worry about the pollutants that contaminate our air pale in comparison to the buildup of pathogens in most household duct systems. For this reason it’s important to consider duct cleaning in Anacortes.

The E.P.A. further states that for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other breathing complications having the heat and cooling systems in one’s home cleaned on at least a bi-annual basis will aid in lessening the exposure to these deadly and often times dangerous breathing conditions.

When one considers that the air inside your home is trapped by window seals and closed doors 99.5% of the time there is nowhere for the contaminated air to escape and no realistic chance of it being replaced with outdoor fresh air. This being the case the air inside your home is trapped and cycled through a continuous and closed system in your heating or air conditioning. Over time the pollutants and dust particles in your air become trapped and form a thick layer of dust inside your duct system.

These significant build ups are a prime breeding ground for bacterial and other parthenogenesis’ to continue to grow. The duct systems provide a dark, closed area with moisture from the systems humidifier which is the three components that set the stage for mold growth.

The only way to be certain of the quality of the air inside your home is to hire professional for duct cleaning in Anacortes. Protect your family and loved ones and provide them with the safest environment in which to live and breathe.

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