What Skills Can I Expect from a Forensic Computer Analyst?

A forensic computer analyst is a person who has knowledge and skills in both modern technology and criminal justice. These individuals are tasked with analyzing and recovering information from storage devices such as phone, computer, networks, and more. These professionals are capable of recovering stolen data, tracking down hackers, finding the source of hackings, and aiding in other investigations related to computers and mobile devices. Below we will look at the skills you can expect when working with one of these individuals.

Analytical Skills

This position requires a high level of analytical talent as it involves piecing together information and solving high-priority cases. Having keen observation skills and analytical thinking are important for anyone in this field. Being able to solve difficult puzzles and make correlations is also crucial when investigating the cases common for these professionals.

Cybersecurity Knowledge

In digital forensics, it’s all about solving cybercrime, which requires a vast knowledge of this subject. You can’t prevent data breaches without understanding the techniques that are used to target information. Having that information and skillset can make preventing and solving these cases simpler. Most forensic computer analysts will have experience working in cybersecurity.

Communication Skills

Working as an analyst involves working with other people on a regular basis. Most of the time these professionals are part of a team. That means communication is an important skill. Both verbal and written communication skills need to be at a high level to succeed as a member of this profession. It’s also important when speaking with clients who need your help.

Education in Computer Science

With forensics being involved heavily in technology, an understanding of computer science comes in handy. Many of the individuals in this field has studied computer science. Understanding programming and how computers work is essential. When a person knows how networks and technology work and how systems interact, this makes it easier to determine how compromise occurs.

Organization Skills

When we mention organization, we aren’t talking about having a pristine desk. Instead, what these individuals need are above-average mental organization skills. You need to be thorough in reports and capable of documenting what happens in a case to present this information to important people like judges and attorneys.

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