What Should You Know About Cherry Pie in Woodinville WA?

While there are many strains of cannabis on the market, there are some that offer a much better taste experience. Those who are looking for a unique flavor often choose cherry pie in Woodinville WA. Those who have never tried this strain of cannabis need to learn all they possibly can about it so they can decide if they should indulge.

What Should Individuals Know About Cherry Pie Cannabis?

Cherry pie cannabis comes from its parents which are Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. The buds of this strain of cannabis are very dense and they are full of orange hairs that have a touch of purple coloring. When you smell this special strain of cannabis, you will find its heady aroma will remind you of sweet and sour, almost like a delicious cherry pie. Lighting this special cannabis strain brings out an even more delicious aroma and taste that lingers for a long time in your mouth.

There are many positives that come from smoking cherry pie in Woodinville WA. The following are some of the positive feelings people experience when they light up a special cherry pie.

  • The biggest feeling people experience is an overall deep feeling of relaxation.
  • People also report feeling happier than they normally do, which helps to take away feelings of depression.
  • Euphoria is the third most common feeling people have when they smoke cherry pie cannabis.
  • Many people report feeling like their emotions have been uplifted and they are no longer feeling grouchy or sad.
  • The least common feeling, though one that does occur, is a feeling of being hungry.

How to Enjoy Cherry Pie Cannabis

Those who have never indulged in this special creation need to take their time and first just look at it. This beautiful bud will bring a big smile to your face for its appearance. Once you light it up, you will immediately begin to notice the notes of sweet and sour that loft through the air. With one big inhale, that is drawn out slowly, you will find you feel the explosions of taste and enjoyment throughout your mouth and entire body. If you are ready to experience it for yourself, contact Local Roots today.

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