What Services Do Data Centers Provide?

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Web Hosting Company

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Data centers vary based on the company and on the services they provide. In its most basic form, a data center is a large facility designed to host servers, hardware, and the necessary structures, power, cooling, and networking required.

Not all data centers offer the same services. One of the most important differences is the level of redundancy in basic operational components. Power, cooling, and even networking redundancies ensure special levels of uptime and ensure the best performance of both cloud computing servers and private servers housed in the facility.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing uses networked servers throughout a facility or throughout multiple facilities to generate massive amounts of computing resources. It also allows data to be stored in multiple secure locations, reducing the risk of downtime and providing continual backup and disaster recovery services.

Colocation Services

Colocation allows a business to store its server at a data center. The data center staff maintains the private server while the business keeps ownership and manages the server. This is ideal when a company requires data storage in different geographic areas.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare metal or dedicated servers are designed to allow one tenant per server through the hosting service. The business pays for the use of the server, eliminating the need to invest in hardware while still having all the advantages.

In addition, data centers also offer a full range of managed services that can be customized to the needs of their customers and clients.

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