What Services Are Provided By An Animal Clinic In Alexandria?

In Virginia, veterinarians provide health services for all domestic pets. The doctors complete full assessments, eliminate unwanted pests, and offer grooming opportunities. Pet owners keep their cats and dogs healthier through the right services. A local animal clinic in Alexandria provides access to proper healthcare for all pets.

Dental Cleaning and Treatments

Dental cleanings and treatments lower the risk of tooth loss and gum disease. The cleanings remove plaque, tartar, and debris from the pet’s teeth. The vet also examines the teeth and gums for obvious signs of issues that lead to pain and discomfort. Extractions and oral surgery are performed as needed to prevent infections and uncomfortable conditions for pets. The vet also recommends dental products to use at home.

Preventative Care for All Pets

Preventative care starts with a complete examination of the pet. The vet tests them for parasites and common illnesses. X-rays are conducted when the pet shows signs of diseases or possible injuries. The vet provides vitamins and medications that are needed to address health and/or diet concerns. Select vets offer prescription medications on-site for added convenience for the pet owners.

Surgical Procedures and Emergencies

Surgical procedures are performed when required to treat complex conditions. Joint-related issues are a common concern for older pets and often require surgical intervention. The vet also provides emergency services and surgeries when pets are involved in an accident or exhibit signs of serious conditions.

Boarding Options for Traveling Pet Owners

Boarding services are presented to pet owners who travel for work or just need a vacation. The animal hospital offers individual kennels to keep the pets safer. The boarding services include adequate nutrition, playtime with a caregiver, and grooming options. All pets who require boarding must be up to date on their vaccinations.

In Virginia, veterinarians provide extraordinary services to improve the health of all domestic pets. Among the excellent services offered to pet owners are grooming, preventative care, surgeries, and boarding opportunities. The local animal hospital also accepts most pet health insurance plans. Pet owners who need to schedule services available at a local animal clinic in Alexandria contact Hayfield Animal Hospital for an appointment now.

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