What Parents Need to Know About Hiring a Child Abuse Attorney

Child abuse laws vary from state to state, yet they all have one thing in common, their goal, The goal of child abuse laws is to protect children from harm because they can’t protect themselves. Choosing a child abuse attorney in San Antonio is something a parent never wants to have to do, but when it’s necessary, below are essential items they need to consider.

Types of Child Abuse

There are four main types of child abuse: physical, emotional/psychological, neglect, and sexual abuse. Although it might seem like every attorney has the knowledge and skillset to handle all child abuse cases, this simply isn’t true. Parents must choose attorneys who have experience handling cases similar to their child’s for the best outcome.

Evidence Collection

Collecting evidence of child abuse is unpleasant but necessary. Yet, many child abuse victims don’t know how to verbalize their experiences and care must be taken so the child is not further traumatized. When hiring a child abuse lawyer, parents want to choose a professional and legal team that has connections to child centers that specialize in childhood abuse. These centers have dedicated child specialists who facilitate interviews with all necessary parties including police, medical professionals, and lawyers.

Statute of Limitations

Unlike other crimes, such as first-degree murder, child abuse cases are governed by the statute of limitations. This means that abuse charges must be brought to court within a certain time from the date the incident happened. Child abuse attorneys will inform parents if their child’s case falls within the statute of limitations for pressing charges.

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