What One Area Lawyer Wants the Public to Know Regarding SSI in Glendale, AZ

When someone is disabled, they often have difficulty finding work that they can safely perform. Many are denied this basic privilege. If a person develops a disability, these individuals often lose their only source of income when they can’t return to work due to their disability status. Here’s what one local lawyer wants the public to know regarding SSI in Glendale, AZ.

Many Disabilities Qualify the Person for SSI Disability Benefits

If a doctor signs off that the person has a disability that keeps them from performing their usual duties on the job, they may be eligible to claim disability benefits by filing a claim. Obvious physical issues usually make the grade, but there are lots of unseen health conditions that could also qualify those people for benefits as well. Before giving up on the idea, contact a local attorney that handles SSI for Glendale, AZ residents.

Some People with a Disability Can’t Fill Out the Claim Form

There are many types of disabilities that can affect writing skills or vision. Some individuals have frequent or constant hand tremors that make it difficult to hold items in their hands like a pen. There are provisions to assist people that have these concerns. These individuals may be able to appoint someone else to assist in these tasks, or they might be able to do a phone or online interview with an SSI representative.

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