What Makes an Ideal Outdoor Wedding Venue in Fontana, Wisconsin

The right venue for your wedding will elevate the overall experience and make your vow day memorable. It will also deliver a perfect backdrop for your oh-so-perfect photos of your special day. Check some of the features of a wedding venue worth choosing.


The ideal outdoor venue for your wedding should look great. It should have trees, natural features like a lake, and man-made features like seats, creating a harmonious look. It should be well-kept and clean, and offer the perfect ambiance. The setting should go well with your desired wedding theme.

Provide More Than Just the Venue

From floral arrangements and catering to decorations and setting themes, the right venue offers all-inclusive packages. This makes your wedding plan easy, giving you peace of mind. By getting everything you need for your big day in one place, you can rest easy knowing that everything will fall into place.

Ideal location

Location is very important because you want all your guests to have an easy time getting to your wedding venue. Choose a place that people can easily drive in and out. Consider the natural amenities present as well. While a well-manicured garden will do, a water body makes the perfect backdrop. This is why many choose Lake Geneva wedding venues.


The right venue should be pocket-friendly. It should be within your budget and provide all the services and amenities you need for the big day. Would you like to have a Lake Geneva wedding venue? This is a great choice! Contact Abbey Springs for an ideal outdoor wedding venue in Fontana, Wisconsin. Visit AbbeySprings.org for more information!