What Is Sleep Apnea?

What Is Sleep Apnea?

If you have breathing disruptions while you are sleeping, then you may have sleep apnea. This condition has other symptoms, such as loud snoring during sleep or feeling tired throughout the day. In many cases, another person in your home will notice that you stop breathing because you make strange noises as you struggle to breathe again. This condition is often a life-threatening medical issue because it can cause other health problems, including a heart attack or a stroke. First, you should visit an expert who understands this condition to have an evaluation of your sleeping patterns.

An Airway Mouth Guard

A physical examination and medical imaging tests may reveal that you have abnormalities in the mouth or throat that are causing the breathing disruptions. This is when you should seek Chicago sleep apnea treatment from a dental professional. A knowledgeable dentist can collect moulds of your mouth to create a customized oral mouth guard device that can help you to maintain an open airway. By wearing this dental appliance while you are sleeping, you can avoid the dangerous breathing disruptions. This plastic device will last for approximately one year, but you should have it replaced by your dentist.

Dental Appliance for the Jaw

In addition to having a problem with your throat closing that causes breathing disruptions while you are sleeping, you can have a problem with the shape or position of your jaw. Another Chicago sleep apnea treatment that you need is a mandibular advancement device that shifts your lower jaw forward slightly. This device is more complex with metal hinges and plastic mouth guards that will fit over your upper and lower teeth. You may need to combine dental appliances with a continuous positive airway pressure machine that helps to maintain your breathing.

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