What is Fluoropolymer Coating?

While many people would not know what you were talking about if you opened a discussion on fluoropolymer coating, they are likely being exposed to it in some form every day.

Fluoropolymers Explained

A fluoropolymer is actually a type of polymer with a strong carbon-fluoride bond that is based in fluorocarbon. However, that is not much of an explanation for those who are not familiar with polymers.

A chemical compound that includes several molecules that feature low mass is referred to as a polymer. It is a large class of compounds, including both natural and synthetic polymers. For example, plastic is a synthetic polymer while silk, wood and rubber are all naturally occurring. A fluoropolymer is a certain type of polymer with special properties.

Why Fluoropolymer Coating?

Fluoropolymers are in great demand in industrial coatings. The reason for this is because of the highly desirable qualities that they possess. First of all, they have incredible non-stick properties, such as seen in cookware. In addition, they also resist corrosion and reduce friction.

Fluoropolymers are insulators that do not conduct electricity and are also able to withstand exceptionally high temperatures. Combined with the fact that they do not absorb water, they are ideal for use in several different applications from automotives to electronics.

A fluoropolymer coating is used to protect products so they function better and last longer. Such coatings are used in the wiring insulation of aircrafts to reduce the risk of fire. They are used in a number of different industrial settings, such as packaging and printing facilities, to coat frames, rolls and ink trays. The coating prevents the sticking of moving parts so items are able to pass through with ease and it also make cleaning up much easier.

The applications and uses of fluoropolymer coating continues to grow as does the demand. More and more industries are realizing the potential of such a great product.

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