What is Copyright Infringement?

A copyright includes a form of protection that is granted to the author of the original work. The work might be architecture, books, software, movies, poetry, a picture, a painting, or a song. If you’ve created an original body of work and would like to make sure that it is protected, talk to a copyright lawyer who is able to help you correctly secure a copyright. You must have copyright protection upon your work if you wish to sue another person for copyright infringement.

What’s a copyright infringer?

Did you have any knowledge that one of the most well-known tunes in the world is protected by a copyright? If a work that is copyright-protected is utilized for a commercial reason or performed publicly without an owner’s permission, a user is infringing on the copyright. The tune “Happy Birthday” does earn royalties every year for its use. Odds are that singing it to somebody in your family around your dinner table probably will not subject you to paying a royalty charge. But, according to copyright law, if you’re inside a restaurant and a server sings to you, unless that server has an agreement with that owner of the rights to the tune, they’re infringing on the copyright.

There will include several ways to possibly infringe on one’s copyright. A few of the most common cases include:

Burning CDs or DVDs. If you burn a CD copy and offer it to your friend, you’ve violated its copyright.

Making a copy of a book. There are only a few exceptions to that if a book is being utilized for research or educational reasons. An intellectual property lawyer may assist you in understanding what’s permitted underneath the Doctrine of Fair Use.

Utilizing another person’s photo. This is particularly common for those who have websites who place images which don’t belong to them.

If you’ve developed a work and another person is using your picture or playing your song without your permission, it’s possible to get an action for copyright infringement. Our Copyright Lawyer in Long Island may assist you in determining whether another person is infringing on the copyright.

The Law Office of Daniel T. Weglarz knows how to protect your rights. If another person is using your body of work without any permission, our copyright attorney can help to enforce your rights.

For more information on our Copyright Lawyer in Long Island, contact The Law Office of Daniel T. Weglarz at (516-468-3683).

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