What Is A Septic Tank And Why Do I Need One?

As a homeowner there are many things that you must undertake in order to keep your home working properly. From the lighting fixtures to the driveway there is never a lack of things that need constant attention. Among those things that are important to keep your eye on is the septic tank. You may not be familiar with this term and so it is important to answer the question of what is a septic tank? A septic tank is designed to receive all the solid and liquid waste from within your home. The septic tank system is especially important since it is the chief handler of toxic bacteria. If this system is ever compromised it could result in much larger problems. The following list will highlight the functions of a septic tank system as well as explaining why you need to have a septic tank. Since every home in the United States is required to have a septic system of some kind this should be information that you understand and that you take very seriously.

What is a septic tank Easton PA? A septic tank is a system designed to catch and hold all of the waste that comes from your home. This could be dirty bathwater or it could be waste from your toilets. Regardless of the substance this system is designed to receive it and to properly hold it. In order to properly understand the question of what is a septic tank, it is important to understand how they are built. A septic tank is built from metal and it is designed to go underground. In many cases this system will be placed in a large hole that ranges from five to ten feet in depth. Once the septic tank system has been placed under ground it is then covered with dirt and grass is usually planted over its top. The septic tank itself has hundreds of small holes throughout the tank. This is done so that all water can drain from the tank and allow the solid waste to settle to the bottom.

If a friend has ever asked what is a septic tank or, if you have questioned the need of a septic tank, it is important to understand that this system is a federal requirement. In the early 1970’s it became federal law that every home should have a proper waste catching apparatus. In an effort to reduce the amount of toxic waste being dumped into the land and water of the neighborhood that you live in, a septic tank is crucial. For more information regarding septic tanks and what they can and cannot do, be sure to contact your local septic tank installation company.

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