What is a Hand Reamer?

When a hole has been drilled or machined it may not be exactly the correct diameter, carbide reamers are used to make the hole the exact diameter that was specified. Hand reamers consist of a long shaft which is made from carbide alloys, along the length of the shaft there are several flutes arranged longitudinally which are sharpened. The shaft end opposite the cutting surfaces is machined into a square which fits into a square receptacle in a handle. The handle is the same used for tapping threads. Hand reamers are popular tools in any machine shop or repairs to precision machines are made.

When the entire depth of the drilled hole must be reamed to a specific size, the solid carbide reamers are the same diameter along the cutting flutes. If it is not important that the entire hole depth be reamed, the reamer will often have a slight taper which makes it easier to start in the hole. Regardless of the contour, once the reamer is inserted in the drill hole, the handle of the wrench is turned slowly, the cutting blades enter the hole, removing only the amount of metal that is required to achieve the desired hole diameter.

Hand reamers come in two distinct designs, fixed and variable. The fixed diameter reamer has flutes that are of a given diameter and are only suitable for that size. There are many sizes available, starting at 1/16” and going as large as 2”. The flutes are cut into the reamer shank and sharpened during the manufacturing process.

A variable diameter reamer has adjustable blades that move up and down in tapered slots on the shank. The reamer shank is threaded; adjusting rings are fitted above and below the cutting edges. The diameter of the flutes can be adjusted by loosening one ring and tightening the other, as the cutting edges fit in tapered slots, the diameter is easily changed. Adjustable reamers are normally used where the specified hole diameter is not available as a standard on a fixed shank reamer.

Carbide reamers are capable of a high degree of precision; they can achieve a tolerance as small as .0008 inches. This is much more precise than the .003 or so that can be achieved with a normal drill bit. Contact Carbide Connections to find the cutting tools you are looking for.

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