What Is a Gujarati Patola Silk Saree and Why Should You Consider One?

There are many beautiful clothing items and garments made in Indian culture that can be said to be of the highest value and beautiful as well. One of the most sought after options is the Gujarati Patola Silk Saree. This is a very specific style and design, and it is a piece that is made with incredible precision and talent. That is why it may be one of the best choices for those looking for something truly stunning to offer.

Understanding This Piece

To know what a Gujarati Patola Silk Saree is and how it is valued, you have to know a few key things. First, the term Patola refers to a double ikat woven saree. This type of design is always made from silk. More specifically, it is produced in the city of Patan, Gujaret, an area of India known around the world for its production of these items.

You will find that these pieces are very expensive. They have a long heritage and history in the Indian culture and were often worn by the most aristocrats and royal families in the country. Because of the time and work that goes into them, they can be hard to find as well.

For those who are looking for something truly unique and special, the purchase of a Gujarati Patola Silk Saree is perhaps one of the best choices. Take a closer look at what these items can offer and why they are so sought after.

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