What Is A Business Insurance Broker?

A business insurance broker in San Diego, CA, often referred to as a commercial insurance broker is a person who brokers a connection between a business and insurance companies. When a client purchases business insurance from the broker, the company that is chosen to provide the insurance pays the broker a commission for the work done in arranging the policy. The business insurance broker in San Diego CA, may work as part of a team in a large firm or be an independent insurance agent.

The agent for business insurance does considerably more than simply finding a policy that fulfills the needs of the client. The job also requires that the broker assesses the needs of the business and then searching for several solutions that will satisfy these perceived needs. The broker must also make sure that the policies he recommends are good fits with the risks that are faced by the business; they also must find the best price for the best cover.

A business insurance broker in San Diego, CA wears many hats in his day. The broker is a salesperson who must form a strong bond and relationship with his client but he also has to act as an underwriter when assessing the risks facing the company, it is this assessment that forms the basis for the policy and the accompanying premium.

There is a difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent. An insurance agent usually is contracted to an insurance company; the agent then sells the companies insurance on their behalf. A broker on the other hand does not represent nor is he contracted with any insurance company. A broker for business insurance represents the client, taking business to any insurance company that will provide the required cover at the best price.

The broker must take great care when assessing the risks of the business he is dealing with. The broker must make sure the insurance company has all the information they need to make a risk decision and in doing this he must make sure that his client gets the most reasonably priced and all-inclusive policy. When brokering business insurance it is of utmost importance that the insurance professional understands the business of the client and the insurance products available to him from various companies.

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