What Happens During Wisdom Tooth Dental Oral Surgery in Butler PA?

When you are told you are going to need to have your wisdom teeth removed, it can cause you to instantly begin to feel nervous. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to cut through your gums and typically do not begin coming in until the age of seventeen or even later. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are often problematic for people. They can come in growing the wrong way and can become impacted. For these reasons, many people these days or opting to have their wisdom teeth removed at the age of eighteen, before any problems arise. Through Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA, your wisdom teeth can be extracted, so you do not experience the painful symptoms that come with wisdom teeth problems.

What Can You Expect From Your Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA?

Most wisdom tooth extractions are handled through Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA and are done under general anesthesia. Most patients feel more confident in knowing they will be asleep during the procedure and this makes it safer for the dentist to work on your teeth. Once you are completely under, the dentist will begin the procedure to remove all of your wisdom teeth.

You have a total of four wisdom teeth and in most cases, the dentist will recommend you have them all removed at once. Sometimes, wisdom teeth are difficult to remove and may cause the dentist to have to use an incision to cut around the massive root structures some of these teeth have. This loosens the roots and makes them much easier to remove, so you do not experience damage to your gums during the Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA.

As the dentist removes each tooth, your gums will be sutured, so they can properly heal. This also helps to prevent dry sockets from forming and can lessen the chances of you having blood clots to form. You can expect to experience swelling and bruising from your Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA, but as you heal, you will soon feel much better.

If your wisdom teeth are giving you problems, oral surgery may be your answer. Contact Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for more information on how this procedure can benefit your oral health.

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