What Gift Should You Give to Groomsmen?

Are you wondering how to repay your groomsmen and ushers for the time that they put you’re your wedding? Groomsmen can receive gifts before a wedding to show appreciation for the work that they have done and companionship that they have provided throughout the process to make your wedding a success. There are a variety of gifts that you can purchase for your groomsmen. Of course, the best gifts may often be the most meaningful or the most useful items.

What Should You Get the Groomsmen and Ushers?

It can be difficult to decide what gift to purchase for your groomsmen and ushers. The ushers in your wedding can receive the same gifts. The best man’s gift should be something more special. While customized gifts are popular and can be personal, it is important to be sure that the gift will be used and appreciated. Here is a list of items that may become perfect gifts for your wedding party:

 * Personalized cuff links
 * Leather wallet
 * Flask gift set
 * Watch
 * Shaving accessories
 * Customized wall-mounted bottle opener
 * Personalized pub sign
 * Personalized coolers to hold bottles
 * Engraved wooden coaster sets

How Much Should You Pay?

A gift for a groomsman is recommended to cost anywhere between 10 and 25% of what he paid for your wedding gift. Your groomsmen have put money into their gift for you as well as hours preparing and attending your wedding, helping to make it a success and memorable time. It is important to repay your groomsmen with gifts. Gifts for groomsmen and ushers can be found online or in store. Personalized gifts can be a great idea as they remind the men of the special day of which they were a part.

When Do I Give the Gifts?

Groomsmen often receive their gifts from the groom at the bachelor’s dinner or party. If there is not time with the groomsmen alone before the wedding, you can give them the gifts at your rehearsal dinner.

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