What Duties Do Security Guard Services In Fairfax VA Perform?

Security guard services in Fairfax VA are employed to ward off theft from property, potential violence and disruption. The guards are hired by individuals as well as private concerns. The duties that the security guard must perform have a lot to do with the venue where he or she is posted.

In commercial undertakings security guard services in Fairfax VA are found monitoring the arrival and departure of guests and employees. They are responsible for seeing that no unauthorized persons are allowed access to the premises. The security guards posted in commercial buildings have to maintain records of all on-site irregular occurrences such as damage to property, damage to equipment or robbery. Security guards are not only stationed at the building’s entrance and exit, they are called upon by tenants of the building should there be a need.

The guards who perform security guard services in Fairfax VA are authorized to issue warnings when they see a rule violation and they are tasked with escorting offenders off the premises if necessary. At times this may require physical force. During off hours the security guards take telephone calls and answer simple questions such as what is the opening time of the business. The security guards will follow a routine during the day and night, patrolling the premises, checking alarms and monitoring CCTV cameras for any odd activity.

There are also many security guard services in Fairfax VA which focus their attention on providing security for public buildings such as museums. The guards are often found stationed near exhibits with incredible worth and generally are armed. Normally guards employed in such a facility have to man detectors and conduct searches for banned material such as video cameras. Security guard services in Fairfax VA are also employed in sensitive government facilities where the protection of sensitive data is paramount.

Security guard services in Fairfax VA also provide for personal protection of individual clients. In this case they are more like bodyguards who provide one on one personal protection to their client assuring that they are free from physical harm or theft. Security guards in this role are often responsible for driving duties as well.

Banks and other financial institutions make use of security guard services in Fairfax VA. The guards are responsible in the insuring that valuables are safely transported from place to place. In this type of assignment the guard will often wear body armor and be transported in bullet proof vehicles. His responsibility is to accompany the shipment to the intended receiver and get a signature of receipt.

Bars and nightclubs often use security guard services in Fairfax VA to protect against the entry of minors onto the premises and to swiftly eject any patrons disturbing the peace or causing damage of any sort.



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