What Do Moving Companies in Birmingham, AL Actually Do?

Many of us have probably seen moving companies around town, with their logoed vans and hard-working employees carrying sofas out of buildings. But do you know what all these companies actually do on a daily basis? It’s a lot more than just packing up boxes. If you’re looking for a little insight into what moving companies in Birmingham, AL really do all day, keep reading.

Take Inventory and Check the Vehicle
It’s crucial to start with the basics. Moving companies in Birmingham, AL start their procedures by going over a list of items to be moved with the homeowner. This is usually done with the customer is receiving a quote but it’s always a good idea to go over everything right before the move to make sure everyone is one the same page. Movers .will also examine their vehicle to make sure that it’s in top shape for the job at hand. After all, the company would be in big trouble if their vehicle stopped working mid-delivery.

Pack and Protect
If the service is included, movers will physically pack up all the boxes for you. You can really personalize this service and pay for them to only pack certain rooms or items if you think you can do a lot of the packing yourself. The next thing these professionals will do is protect your items. A good company will bring in carpet protectors, moving blankets, padding, and plastic wrap to make sure that none of your items are damaged during the move.

Loading and Driving
After everything is packed, your movers will load everything onto their truck. Experts know how to get weird shaped furniture and items safely onto their vehicle and how to perfectly organize boxes to ensure that the maximum amount will fit. They will then carefully drive these items to your next location.

Unloading and Organizing
The last steps are unloading the van carefully and putting everything into the new home. The crew will coordinate which items go in which room and help you set everything up in the formation you like best. Crews will even make sure that they don’t leave a mess behind, getting rid of all trash and packing materials on their way out.

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