What Discount Little Cigars are

Cigars have always been associated with opulence. They have always been large and somewhat pretentious. Right now you can get the same experience that a rich person gets with a cigar but at a cheaper price and less strain on your fingers and lips.

Your better option is discount little cigars. The name is rather self-explanatory since they come at a discounted price and they are small. Discount little cigars are basically cigars that are of a smaller size (the size of a normal cigarette) and are cheaper.

This comes in very handy for most people because you can still be able to enjoy the experience of smoking a cigar without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. They also have other benefits as well.

They are portable

Discount little cigars are much smaller in size and can therefore be carried in any small pack or bag without being detected unlike conventional cigars which are rather large. The small size also means that they are lightweight and will not weigh you down.

They have a wider range of flavors

These little cigars come in very many different flavors like cherry, honey, vanilla, grape, menthol, strawberry, coffee and many more that are desirable in normal settings. These flavors camouflage the taste of the tobacco in the cigar thereby giving you a more fun experience while smoking.

They can be infused with flavor

You may add flavors of your own if you bought unflavored ones. It could also be that you want to mix in another flavor into what is already there. The process is not so difficult but requires patience.

You will need to make a solution of the flavor you want to use. It could be a plant extract, a homemade infusion or liquor. Roll the cigars in the liquid until fully coated then place them in zip lock bags for them to dry. Placing them in an airtight container with a little amount of heat will aid the drying.

Another way to do it is to keep the cigars enclosed in a small space together with the preferred flavors. A zip lock bag with the flavor in a gauze pad and another gauze pad soaked in water to regulate humidity and the cigar protected from wetness is an ideal situation. You may have to replenish the flavor if it evaporates over time. Both methods could take about two months or more to achieve great results.

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