What Can You Expect When Working With a Divorce Attorney?

No one gets married believing they will eventually have to go through divorce. When a divorce is imminent, you may begin to feel out of control and unsure of how to get help. Instead of trying to go through the process alone, it is important you hire a Divorce Attorney. Through the help of an attorney, your rights will be fully protected and you can be guided through every decision you make. This will help to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, so you are not overly stressed.

What are the Steps Involved in a Divorce?
When you first meet with your attorney, you will need to make a decision on what type of grounds you are going to in your divorce filing. Every state requires you file a grounds, so this will not be something you can skip. Grounds for divorce can be either fault or no-fault. Choosing a fault reason, such as abuse or neglect means you will be required to prove this reason in court. If you feel you do not have substantial evidence to prove your reason, you may be better off filing a no-fault reason. In states where no-fault reasons are allowed, you can file your divorce as irreconcilable differences.

Once your Divorce Attorney files your petition for divorce in court, this will be sent to your spouse. He or she can object to the divorce or agree. If no objections are made, the divorce will proceed fairly easily. You may even be able to settle your divorce outside of court through mediation meetings. If there are any objections or issues that cannot be settled, your case will go to court and be decided on by a judge. The judge will issue your divorce decree and will decide on support, custody, property splits and debts.

If you are facing going through a divorce, you need the help of an attorney. For the legal help you need, contact the law office of Shinbaum & Campbell P.C. They will be glad to help you through every aspect of your divorce, so you can get the best outcome possible.


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