What Can You Expect To Pay Lawyers For VA Claims?

If you are a disabled veteran you may be having difficulties making ends meet, for this reason you may avoid hiring a seasoned lawyer if your application for disability benefits was denied. There is no reason for this, most lawyers for VA claims will represent a disabled veteran on a contingency basis; they will get paid only if they win your appeal.

VA accreditation:

Not every lawyer can help applicants for veteran’s disability claims; to do this the lawyer must be accredited by Veterans Affairs. For a fee agreement to be valid, the VA must first review it. The VA reserve the right to regulate the conduct of lawyers that represent veterans, in this way the veteran knows that his or her lawyer is capable of giving them excellent service.

In the past a veteran that was denied benefits could not engage the services of lawyers for VA claims until the first final decision was handed down. This is no longer the case; a disabled veteran can hire an accredited lawyer any time after they have filed notice with the VA that they disagree with their decision.

Lawyers work on contingency:

The greatest majority of cases are taken based on contingency, this simply means that your lawyer will not expect payment until such time as you have won your appeal and if you are due money at that time. During the duration of the case the lawyer does not charge hourly rates.

Lawyers for VA claims run the risk that they will not get paid, if you lose your appeal you do not have any legal fees to be concerned about.
When you are interviewing lawyers for VA claims, be leery of any firm that makes grandiose claims. Every claim is different, every appeal is different and no one, not even the most experienced lawyer can predict the outcome of the case. Choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable working with; someone that you know will give your case the attention it deserves.

Lawyers for VA claims can help you in the event your application for veteran’s benefits was rejected. You are invited to discuss your case with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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