What Can Property Management Companies In Henderson Do And Why They’re Needed?

When you’ve got properties, whether they were purchased or inherited, it may be helpful to consider renting them out to others. It can generate income and provide tax breaks, but it may also mean that you need to find property management companies in Henderson. If you aren’t sure what these PMs do or how to do all the tasks, it may be best to hire someone instead of trying to learn it all and potentially get into financial or legal trouble in the process.


The first step of property management companies in Henderson is to assess your properties and determine the rental rate. They should photograph the exterior and interior, as well as offer recommendations for improvements and repairs that could maximize your rent while also providing a return on investment.

Likewise, they’ll determine rental rates for similar properties in the area to help you learn the best prices and what you should be charging.


The next step of property management companies in Henderson is to prepare the building for rentals. This may include cleaning and optimizing the interior and exterior, as well as handling the landscaping needs.

Then, they’ll take pictures that showcase the building in the best light, create advertisements and list them. They may use print publications, paid/free rental listings, fliers and more.

They can also work with realtors and agents to find tenants and field calls about viewings and information.


After they’ve successfully marketed the properties, they’ll screen the tenants, which can include background checks, grade them based on pre-set criteria, and choose the best candidates for the residency. Likewise, they’ll tell other potentials if they didn’t get the rental and why if they decide that is necessary.


They will also help with tenant move-in information, collect rent and deal with evictions when necessary.

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