What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston SC Provide a Client?

Sustaining an injury that appears to be the result of negligence or intent on the part of another individual is not something anyone looks forward to experiencing. When something of this nature happens, emotions can make it difficult to look at the matter objectively and determine what needs to happen next. This is where seeking advice from a personal injury lawyer in Charleston SC will make a difference.

Taking a Balanced Look at the Situation

For people who are directly affected by an event or series of events, it is not always possible to see every aspect with clarity. While there could very well be grounds for filing a personal injury suit, there could be some elements that are being overlooked. Choosing to take the matter to a personal injury lawyer in Charleston SC will mean bringing someone with no past connection to the events into the picture. The lawyer is able to maintain enough distance to consider every fact surrounding the event objectively. As a result, the lawyer will be able to advise the client if there are legal grounds for filing a suit.

Discussing Possible Options

Assuming the lawyer does believe there are grounds for taking action, the next step is to decide what that action should be. It is not unusual for the lawyer to seek a settlement on behalf of the client. This is especially true when the facts of the case make it clear the injury was deliberate or at least directly traced to actions taken by the offending party. Assuming the person responsible for the injury realizes that going to court will mean having to pay lawyer fees in addition facing a judgment in favor of the plaintiff, the idea of settling out of court may be appealing. If the two parties can agree on the terms, then the matter can be settled faster.

For people who believe they have been injured by another party, it pays to contact Phipps Law Firm today. After looking over the details of the case, the legal counsel will provide possible courses of action and will make sure the client understands what could result from each of those choices.