What Can a Patient Expect From Physical Therapy in Clarks Summit, PA?

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Health

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Physical therapy is a branch of medicine devoted to restoring a patient’s body to as close to normal functioning as possible. A physical therapist will thus start by working to reduce pain and then restore the patient’s mobility.

Why Would Someone Need Physical Therapy?
Patients often undergo physical therapy in Clarks Summit, PA, after being injured at work or in an automobile accident. They may also undergo physical therapy to treat conditions like tendonitis or backache.

What Can the Patient Expect During Their First Visit?
In order to help the patient, the physical therapist will need to determine what they need. They will thus take a detailed medical history and then perform a chiropractic exam. The latter is similar to a standard physical exam in some respects. For example, the physical therapist will take the patient’s vitals. They will also have the patient move in specific ways to test their muscle strength, range of motion, balance, and so forth. After completing the exam, the therapist can then outline a treatment plan.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Someone With a Headache?
There are actually over a dozen types of headaches, and some are actually caused by a problem elsewhere in the body that refers the pain to the head. Many migraine patients, for example, have neck or jaw problems. Treating the neck or jaw through physical therapy thus reduces the number and severity of that patient’s headaches.

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