What Can a Flotation Bag Do for You While Working with Underwater Salvage

A flotation bag is useful when you’re trying to lift something stuck underwater. They’re available in several designs, each with key differences. Some of them have a vertical orientation to promote the lift they produce. However, several have a horizontal orientation as a way to stabilize them. If you’re salvaging something underwater, using them is relatively straightforward.

Enclosed Flotation Bags

Even though they only have one attachment, enclosed flotation bags are incredibly useful. Since they’re more durable than others, it’s much harder to break one of them. This means it should last for as long as it’s needed. It also has enough lift to pick up something that weighs thousands of pounds.

Professional Lift Bags

Designed for the Navy, professional bags can withstand harsh conditions out at sea. Using them is just as simple as any of the others, too. Once inflated, you can attach whatever you’re hauling to its clip. After it’s connected, the bag will hold onto it, even if the water is rough.

Commercial Lift Bags

If you’re conducting underwater research, a commercial bag would be helpful. It’s easy enough to use that anyone can learn how to use it. Also, it’s resistant to UV rays, preventing them from fading. Not to mention, they’re designed with a nylon fabric shell. It has a urethane coat on top of it to enhance its abrasion resistance, too. Even a sharp object can’t penetrate its shell without quite a bit of force behind it.

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