What are the tasks of a family attorney?

In the United States a family attorney is one whose legal practice is associated with familial issues such as divorce, child adoption, child custody matters, etc. In many cases a Boise family attorney will deal with cases involving juveniles who have engaged his or her services to represent one of their children in cases where juvenile delinquency is involved.

In divorce cases the family attorney provides a host of different services for the client. There is little doubt that a divorce can change the entire life of the participants and as such there are many times when a Boise family attorney will explore the possibility of marriage counseling rather than immediately file for divorce. In many jurisdictions across the country it is mandatory that mediation be carried out to address issues that concern the parties, such things as child custody, visitation rights, payment of spousal support as well as child support and the division of property jointly owned and acquired during the marriage. In many cases if mediation has not been sought the court will not enter an order in regards to these important issues. A Boise family attorney can often mediate in the presence of the opposing lawyer, reaching an agreement which simply needs the approval of the judge.

Mediation cannot settle all the disputes all the time and when mediation fails the Boise family attorney will represent his or her client in the hearing which is held in a courtroom where all outstanding issues will be settled. Divorces are not done in front of a jury, it is the judge who listens to both sides of the argument and makes the decision. The same family attorney might also help the client after the judge has rendered judgment, perhaps one of the parties’ wishes to seek an amendment of orders regarding child custody and visitation, child support, etc. There are many times when judicial relief is requested due to a change in circumstances.

It is not just unhappy times when people call upon a Boise family attorney; they also will need legal assistance when they decide to adopt a child. The attorney can often find agencies that place children for adoption; the attorney also drafts the petition for adoption and prepares any and all supplemental information to accompany the petition. There are times when the birth parent or parents of the child will contest the adoption and it becomes the attorney’s responsibility to prove to the court that the adoption is in the best interests of the child.

If you are considering anything from a divorce to an adoption or a prenuptial agreement then you will need to engage the services of a Boise family attorney. You are invited to contact Finch O’Neil Law Office, P.A.


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