What Are the Best Garden Pots for Landscaping: Pros and Cons

Choosing the right pots for your gardening can be a challenge when you see how many options are available. While aesthetics can definitely play a role in your decision, it shouldn’t be the only one you’re concerned with. The following information will help you explore your options and determine whether terracotta garden pots are your best bet.

Wood Pots

Some people love the naturally beautiful look of various woods and extend that into the pots they choose for their gardening. While this type of pot can be durable and certainly weighs less than some of your other options, too much moisture can lead to rotting, which makes the pots unusable over time. If the wood is treated with chemicals to protect it from the elements, it can also have a negative impact on the plants that reside in the pots.

Clay Pots

Clay pots are among the most versatile garden pots because you can purchase them in a variety of colors and styles to best fit in with the rest of your landscaping. This material is generally less porous and can help insulate plants against the weather. However, believe it or not, these pots can actually cost you more and are likely to chip or break. These pots can also be quite heavy if you might need to move them.

Terracotta Garden Pots

One of the most popular options today is terracotta garden pots. These pots are also made from a natural material and fit in well in your garden. These pots are quite porous, which allows for proper drainage to keep your plants healthy. They are also typically quite affordable compared to other types of planters. However, it’s important to keep in mind these pots can break and require special care to keep them in good condition.

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