What Are The Benefits of Fracking?

Fracking has garnered much negative attention, but there are many benefits to this drilling process. Fracking was discovered in 1947 but has only more recently come to mainstream attention. This is because of large reserves of natural gas discovered in the US. The process of fracking involves heavy equipment and small parts like a stimulation frac plunger from Weatherford, TX.

Natural Gas Production

The biggest benefit of fracking is natural gas production. Since the US has such vast reserves of natural gas, it can drastically increase domestic production. The domestic natural gas production offers many sub-benefits that help in a few different ways.

Energy Independence

While it is highly unlikely that the US will become energy independent anytime soon, with fracking it is a possibility for a time. Thanks to a large amount of natural gas in the US domestic production has the potential to meet demand. With emerging technologies, natural gas can now be synthesized into gasoline. Given that the overwhelming majority of cars in the US are gasoline powered, not diesel, natural gas could potentially power your car in the future. If this is the case, then it is unlikely that you would ever even know unless you happened to see a news article.


Here is another big benefit, natural gas exports. The US has a large reserve of natural gas to tap into. There are few countries that have as much. Because of this, the US can export natural gas to other countries. This is a potential source of revenue in the future.

There are many more benefits to fracking, but the main benefit is natural gas. If it were not for fracking, the US would have limited natural gas reserves and would likely be forced to increase imports to meet demand. This also gives us the ability to be energy independent if needed and export natural gas to increase revenue.

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