What Are the Advantages of Weeding Vegetable Crops on Your Farm?

So, you have decided to plant crop vegetables at the back yard, kitchen garden, or field, and wondering whether weeding will be necessary. Well, the simple advice every agronomist will tell you is to keep your crops free from weeds as much as possible. As a farmer, you should know the advantages of weeding vegetable crops in your garden.

First, your vegetable crops will require nutrients to grow and produce. Unfortunately, when weeds show up on your farm, they will consume the nutrients that the crops would otherwise use to grow. Also, the weeds will compete for other resources such as moisture and sunlight. This inhibits the nourishment of your crops, making them have stunted growth with poor yields.

Other than depriving your crops of resources, weeds also camouflage pests and diseases. There are specific weeds that are known to attract and hide pests, which in turn affect your crops production. Similarly, some crops also facilitate the faster spread of diseases to your corps.

Last but not least, certain weeds such as lambs quarters, pigweed, and thistle are known to contain allelopathy compounds that cause infertility around crop roots. This eventually causes the death of plants or stunted growth.

As a farmer, you need to ensure your farm is always free from weeds. You can achieve this either by using mechanical, chemical, or physical uprooting. However, the most effective and convenient way of eliminating weeds is through mechanical weeding. At Stout Industrial Technology, Inc., we produce trouble-free automated machines to facilitate the easy weeding of vegetable crops. for more information.

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