What are answering services?

Providing telephone access to your business is an absolute must, it allows for the development of your business and a way to communicate with your clients. This is all well and good but unfortunately the phone never sleeps but your organization does and if you are going to offer around the clock service then you either have to staff properly or find another solution. If you are a property manager for example, you will have to maintain a service staff all day every day or hire an answering service for maintenance which can take calls from your tenants regardless of the time.

An apartment or condominium manager is an individual who takes full responsibility for a multi-family building. The manager and his staff of clerks, maintenance personnel, etc respond to the needs of each and every tenant. If an individual calls to complain about a noisy neighbor, it is the manager who has to deal with it, if a tenant misses the rent payment, once again it is the manager or a staff member who deals with it. These issues happen all the time and usually they can be attended to during the normal working day.

This is not always the case with maintenance. A pipe can burst just as easy at midnight as it can at three o’clock in the afternoon. The task of the apartment manager is to assess the situation and make arrangements for rectification. If this happens during the day the situation is easy to control, either the in-house maintenance people are dispatched or if the complex calls upon outside services, they can be called into action. If this happens at night, the tenet expects the same service.

This is where the answering service for maintenance comes in. When the manager and his staff have left the premises for the day, any calls coming into the office are still answered, this time though they are being answered by an individual who is not a staff member but nevertheless, an individual who is trained to respond. The answering service will have been given instructions by the manager on what calls are to be considered urgent and demand immediate attention and which calls can be answered by the staff in the morning. The answering service follow these instructions making sure that the building occupants are satisfied regardless of whether the staff are in the office or not.

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