What a Criminal Case Lawyer in Dallas Texas Can Do For You

For any criminal case that you are involved in, there always certain actions that a competent lawyer can help you achieve. These fundamental actions are meant to ensure that you get a fair judgment and win your case. Among the actions that your Criminal Case Lawyer Dallas Texas should undertake include: Visit website for more details.

Review the release bond

When you are charged with a criminal act, you can be bailed depending on how the judge assesses your case. However, there are certain conditions you may be expected to adhere to such as reporting to the court on a certain day of the week among others. After the bond is set, your attorney may seek a review of the bond conditions. This is possible if for example:

* The conditions prevent you from working while as you need to cater for your family.

* You cannot be able to deposit the bond within the stipulated time.

* The bond is unusually expensive.

There are other bases that your lawyer can use to review your bond conditions. However, very few judges can allow you to review the conditions because criminal defendants are usually considered a threat to peace in the society.

Seek and refute the prosecutor’s evidence

The prosecutor must always provide a certain amount of evidence against you for you to be convicted. This may require them to provide such details as the time and place you committed a crime, pictures or video that captured you in action or witness statements among others. The prosecutor is supposed to give your lawyer the evidence against you and if they don’t, your lawyer can seek the evidence for you.

Your Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Dallas Texas can also refute the prosecutor’s evidence or provide evidence against the plaintiff in the endeavor to exonerate you. They can do this by:

* Proving that you were coerced to commit the crime act

* Proving that you committed a crime when you were not in your right state of mind. For example, you could have used certain drugs that altered your ability to make correct judgments.

There are other things that a Criminal Case Lawyer Dallas Texas can do for you during your criminal case. If you are in need of a competent lawyer to represent you in court, visit the Law Offices Of Eric Cedillo.

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